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Respect Your National Flag

A link because I once wrote the words that you are about to read to get them published in Young World. Merely posting it here again to relive the ownership of these words and sentences.

If you go to this link, you will see that the name there is Hina Ghaffar and not Hina Tabassum Khatri because back in my College days, I never bothered to use my middle name and my surname. Previously I wrote my name as Hina Ghaffar. A. Ghaffar being my father’s name.

Every year on Independence Day people decorate their houses with buntings and get their children plastic flags of Pakistan. I would like to request all Pakistanis to abandon this practice. These buntings will not in any way help our country. You might think that I bear no love for my country and am not a patriotic person, but it is not so. The reason I ask this favour is plain and simple: I respect my nation’s flag.

I might sound stupid but many of you must have noticed that after the dusk of 14th of August, all the buntings and all those plastic flags are found in the dustbins and on the sides of the streets along with all the dust and trash. And are trampled under feet of almost everyone.

I request all Pakistanis that if they cannot respect their flag, they can at least not disgrace it. The flag of our nation matters a lot to patriotic Pakistanis.

Hina Ghaffar