Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd

This book has one of my favourite tropes executed fabulously.   A story revolving around the festive atmosphere and the spirit of giving and sharing, this book hooks one in from the first. Either it be a little flirting here … Continue reading

Magic Man by Jacqui Jacoby

MagicMan She existed. And then, she did not.




A story of one woman’s lost life and the limits she goes to to put a wrong done centuries ago to right.

Alex Madison goes to the grocery store and finds that her entire life, bar her existence, has been wiped away. It was as if she has never been. No one remembers her; no one knows her. Nor her loving family neither her friends. Not even the man she has been in a relationship for four years though they did break up some eight months ago (all part of some elusive plan in wiping out the history of the history professor).

Surviving on the streets for five days, Alex goes to find the one man she has always loved, Detective Peter McKenzie. Even though Peter does not recognise her, he shows her kindness and gives her some food; be it only donuts and coffee.

But there is a limit to what a man may hear a strange woman say and that is what happens in here. Peter starts thinking her crazy when she starts talking about the life that they have had together. Still, he wants to help the damsel in distress.

Alex, does not need his sympathy. She needs him to believe her and get her out of this predicament. When nothing comes to pass, a sort of miracle happens. Peter’s father, Kenneth McKenzie shows up at the station and, lo and behold, he knows Alex. Taking her under his protection, Kenneth promises her that they will somehow put everything back to normal. In that moment, though, she is happy that someone remembers her.

Kenneth, for his part, has his own secrets that have not resulted in him forgetting the dear woman he loves as a daughter.

But it with the love of Peter, which is not suppressed with all the evil being inflicted, Alex is all ready to defend her and the man she loves from a serial killer who is not a flesh and blood human being. A serial killer on whose case Peter has been working for some time.

Peter’s brain might have forgotten the woman he loves but in his heart he accepts the rightness of being with her. The wholeness of being he feels when with her.

And together they shall face the evil and either eliminate it or be eliminated themselves.

The story is full of how the brain is to be used but the heart must be given the due credit too for making us choose right and wrong. The story is about how not always will a logic present itself to resolve an issue because the answer lies outside the box we hold ourselves prisoners in.

Last but not the least, the story highlights how we need our independence but we need our family and friends in equal measure to fuss around us and be a constant pain in the backside because they are the ones who make our lives complete.

Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh by Amalie Berlin


This is the third book I am reading by Amalie Berlin and I can confidently say that she has made it to my favourite authors.





Medical romances being one my favourite romance sub-genre, I was very eager to start reading this book. And start I did. Last night. What was different this time around was even though sleep was seducing me, I held fast because I wanted to know what happened next. Thus, I finished the book last night too. Before the first light could be seen

The story started with Dr Adalyn, the heroine, being all paranoid but braving her fear to fulfill a promise she made to her brother by helping her brother’s best friend. Someone who was not only a Doctor by profession but a Royal by birth. A Regent in a Middle Eastern desert country. He is Dr Khalil.

Khalil is haunted by the demons of his past; demons of his own creation at that. That happens when the mind suppresses a memory and forces an imagined alternative to the front to be thought of as reality. He, being the alpha male that he is, suppresses it all. To avoid waking up drenched in sweat from his nightmares, he forgoes sleep. It affects his health as he is exhausted almost all the time. The situation is not completely out of hand as there are places where he still could manage to sleep without the haunting thoughts.

Adalyn, when finds out that out in the desert is where she observe him sleep and treat him, she is all adamant to be his companion as he goes into the desert villages of his Kingdom on medical missions where he hides his identity so as to be one of the people.

The desert nights in the tents play their magic in bringing these two together where Khalil finally opens up to Adalyn and tells her what exactly has taken away his peace of mind and why he deserved to be left the way he had been. Remaining true to form, she discounts all he believes to be the evil truth about him because she has learned how Khalil is as a man. What he could or could not do in all conscious.

But does she really know him? There occurs an instance where she starts questioning his motives because the man never denies that he loves her even while insulting her and making her go far away from him.

To prove that his heart is in the right place he comes after his Lady Love to claim her and always keep her by his side and binding her to him by the sacred vows of marriage.

This story shows how a mighty person with weight of a country on his shoulder be vulnerable to something that happened in the past. Something that dictates you future and not in a very good way I must add. A time when a person becomes an enemy of himself. But at the same time it shows how love can be the answer only when trust and respect are part of it. When you want what is best for your beloved more than you want your beloved to be with you. When the well being of your beloved is more important than what your own heart desires.

A story full of love that develops with the passage of time as Khalil and Adalyn get to know each other. Even though the spark of attraction is there from the beginning, they act on it only when they are in love and not just to satisfy a base craving.

Emotions run high and are in more variety than just the romantic love between two people.

This story I recommend to all. At least all who are romance readers.

A Sweet Possibility by Natalie Charles

Synopsis (copied from Goodreads) Life tastes better with chocolate… All baker Jessica Mallory wants is a modest thigh gap. And her own chocolate shop. And to marry Quinn Rogerson, the man of her dreams. Too bad Quinn just dumped her, … Continue reading

Vettori’s Damsel in Distress by Liz Fielding

After receiving an Autographed copy of her book by Liz Fielding, I sat down and began reading it because who is not curious about a story whose title states the heroine to be a “Damsel in Distress”. The feminist in … Continue reading

The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract by Andie Brock

First seeing the title of the book I thought it to be a typical Sheikh story where they live in a huge mansion and have Muslim names and then go off and get married in a chapel. But I am … Continue reading

Paradise by Judith McNaught

Brought up without a mother and taught to live according to her father’s wishes, Meredith Bancroft has only one dream. Two really. First and foremost, to, one day, be the President of Bancroft and Company, a departmental store chain. Secondly, … Continue reading

By The Sword by Alison Stuart

By the SwordA romance novel where, for the most part, the hero and heroine live apart. It being a time when letters were the mode of communication, these two had no idea what happened with the other.

Kate Ashley is a young widow who runs her household and is raising her nine-year old son. She does not wish to marry again. Out of the blue, after receiving an invitation to a house named Seven Ways to meet a relative of her late husband whose family has been estranged from that of her husband’s family for a long time.

At Seven Ways, not only she finds friendship but also another love. She finds Jonathan Thornton, a Royalist soldier who has been at war since a decade fighting to keep the rightful King of England on his throne.

There is a catch here. Tom (Kate’s son) is sort of replica of Jonathan Thornton. Family resemblance and all.

 Back to the review.

Jonathan and Kate feel something for each other but they keep their feelings to themselves as both of them know that there is nothing for them in the future because as far as priorities go, Jonathan’s number one priority is his King.

One may wonder, how does their romance stay put?

Here is how.

Though the only times they get chances of being together are in between all the skirmishes and preparations for battle, they remain faithful to each other (unlike other people also mentioned in the novel who only believe fidelity to only to be kept as far as emotions go).

Parliament wins and Jonathan is nothing but a traitor and circumstances demand that he endured self-inflicted exile if he wishes to live. He is no more a free man.

Another catch. When Jonathan finally proposed Kate, she says she will marry him when e will be a free man. She will wait for that day.

While all this plays out, Prescott (a Parliamentarian soldier who hates Jonathan) informs him of his bastard child living in Oxford. He does not know it to be true or otherwise but goes to find the truth of it when he leaves Seven Ways and Kate to live a life in exile. And voila! It is true. He has a daughter who is six years of age.

Not wanting to burden Kate more, he leaves his daughter with an Uncle in London and leaves. And gets caught at the dock and sent to the London Tower.

Having not heard from her love, she seeks out the aforementioned uncle to help her find him as she believes Jonathan to be in trouble. This uncle is also a Parliamentarian but he is Family.

I am not going to give the climax away but it being a Romance there definitely is a Happily Ever After after the reunion which I leave you to find out for yourself.


One amazing thing about this one is the not only the dialogue uses the words more popular during the time but the narrative keeps up with that as well. No modern or fancy words to bring you out of the world that is solely the book’s.

She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Zeenat Mahal

SLMHLMNAs usual, Zeenat Mahal comes up with a story that leaves you awed.

This is a story of a lawyer and a TV anchor.

Zoella had been crushing on her best friend’s brother, Fardeen, for ever since she can remember. Because at her own home she is treated as a second class family member, she spends more and more time with Sawaba, her best friend, at her place. It is more like a real home for her.

Once her sister in law starts accusing her to have had sexual relations with Sawaba’s male family members, her brother (Zoella’s that is) stats forcing Sawaba’s parents to get one of their sons to marry Zoella.

At this point Fardeen is at his lowest. His face is all scarred up from an accident and due to which his fiancée has left him. A woman he had thought who loved him.

Forced into marriage with Zoella, he resents her for this. Never taking into account that Zoella is suffering as well being married to a man who does not love her. Fardeen refuses plastic surgery but is unable to accept his new reality.

Zoella wants him to be the Fardeen he was before the accident. She desires this not because she believes he will love her then but rather so that he makes peace with his demons. She plans of divorcing him once that happens because it kills her inside to know that this man would never respect her and love her. There is also this instant when he remarks in a way that means he calls his wife a whore. Though it was done unthinkingly (is that even a word?) it happened nonetheless.

After all the surgeries are done, it is up to Fardeen to make his wife believe in him and his love which he does while inflicting more pain. He is kind of a moron, really.

As they say, all’s well that ends well. But discounting the entire journey is unwise as it is what teaches us and makes who we are.

This one made to my favourites.