My Blogging Journey

It was December 31st, 2010  and I was sitting in the Computer Lab at SZABIST 90 working on a group project with my group mates sitting on either side of me. They were working on their parts and I sat … Continue reading

Religious Intolerance, Is It?

It is no secret that Christmas is one of my favourite festivals. Nothing extraordinary, right? No. At least it should not be so, but my experiences for the past couple of days suggest otherwise. You may wonder how me being … Continue reading

Miss Marple: Gender and Age Traditionalist? A Feminist Radical? Or A Subtle Social Revolutionary?

Gives you so much to mull over.


Miss Marple represents different things to different readers. To some she is simply a source of entertainment, a good way of spending an idle weekend afternoon. To others she may bring a sense of nostalgia, for a way of life no longer existing or evoke memories of a well-loved elderly relative. But for me, I have increasingly found her to be an important cornerstone in the way women are represented as detectives in fiction.

When detective fiction first emerged as a separate genre in the 19th century, women on the whole did not have it easy as fictional detectives, struggling to maintain both the literary and social expectations of the heroine and the hero, (which the role of detective aligned itself with). If fictional female sleuths were young as well, they found this even harder. These difficulties came to a head at the height of the Golden Age detection…

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Zoe and the Love Triangle

This is an entry from Zoe’s private diary and thus in first person narrative. Since I was a kid, numbers fascinated me. If it would have been just numbers, there won’t have been an issue but there was something else … Continue reading