Survivor: Beginning and the New Sustainers

As promised, Team Sustainability was there to provide the willing participants (who registered for SURVIVOR) a chance to strive towards a planet sustained!

The game (Survivor) was designed by Team Sustainability. In it, different members of the Team were stationed at different locations in the different buildings that make up the Karachi campus of SZABIST. With the location clues provided, the participants had to find Team Sustainability’s members who in turn either asked a riddle (to be solved by the participants) or made the participants play a game. Once the riddle was solved or the game won, participants were provided with a discovery that helps sustain or make efficient use of the world’s resources. Few of those discoveries included:

1. Smart Geysers
2. Composite Toilets
3. Horizontal Axis Washing Machines

With the discoveries, participants were also provided with alphabets that completed an anagram which reads


The first team of participants that collected all the alphabets and discoveries, spelt out the anagram and ran back to the starting point were named winners. These two were Danish (from Social Sciences) and Moazzam (from Management Sciences).

Once all the participants came back to the starting point, winners were announced and the pizza ordered.

Though the whole large 14th Street Pizza was meant for the winners’ consumption, it was shared by the winners with Team Sustainability and the participants’ friends that were still on campus and all eager for the Pizza.

The particiapnts said that they learnt things in the game which they may not have bothered to look for or look into if no one had told them.

With these two winners (and many at SZABIST) change to the Sustainable Lifestyle, the chain of change will continue adding more links taking forward a cause raised by Team Sustainability.

Credit Cards and Us

This post is dedicated to Ahmed Ali Maaz, Muhammad Ameen, Nida Saleem Vohra, Saiyid Ali Abbas Raza and Syed Ali Hasan.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

It is 3:55pm, and we (my Money and Banking Group that includes Abbas, Ali, Ameen, Maaz and Nida) are sitting in the lab giving final touches to our report on Credit Cards. Well… if I am to be honest, it is actually much more than giving finishing touches. We are COMPLETING the report right now!! While I am writing this, Ali sits besides me typing the Credit limit calculation for the report.

And by the way, we just got to know that something like that even existed. [Thanks to Ali’s aapa]

And yeah, the most important thing is that we are supposed to be there in class, for presentation ofcourse, at 5 sharp.

We are a bit nervous. Even after all the efforts we have made for this report. And this included going to the banks and asking them questions and everything. We really have done a lot of research (our report is proof enough.Iit is HUGE).

A few words for this group, my group:
Thank you people. You are great and it was fun working with all of you. And one thing that I must add here is that this has been one report / presentation that I did not stress over. Even when I got ill, and could not come and attend Group Meetings, I knew that work was being done.

Others (rest of the class) keep on saying that this group has all the best students and today I acknowledge that YES my teammates are the Best!!!

With all that, we do hope to perform to the best of our abilities. Our silly hope that we will give all the details in our presentation that sir would say that he has no questions to ask, is silly. Though it sounds a bit absurd, it is not impossible.

Keeping our fingers crossed 🙂