Medical Romances

I have often been asked why I say that I specially like to read Medical Romances.

Here, I will try answering the same. Following are the reasons:

– The doctors and nurses these stories are of, are very passionate about the work they do. Do not take it to mean that the same is not true if you happen to be business person, a banker (which I am) or a writer (which I hope to be) for that matter. What stands out is their drive in this profession and how a tiny mistake on their part can cause someone their life. The intensity of it all just gets to me.

– It also happens, that when I pick up a medical romance, I learn something. You may wonder what can one learn out of a Romance book. I will tell you what. For starters, I learn about new medical conditions around the world and what is being done to cure them. Not everything I learn is scientific though. It also helps understand how one should never judge another as you have never been in their shoes. The doctors and nurses dealing with these patients and attendants gives all of that a perspective.

Below I am going to mention four (for symmetrical purposes) Medical Romances that I have read and an equal number that I’d like to get my hands on.

The following are from my Read shelf.

It Happened in ParisA Date with her Valentine Doc








The Doctor's Royal Love-ChildEmergency Wife Lost and Found









The following are from my To-Read shelf.

Bachelor On The Baby Ward

Breaking Her No-Dating Rule








The Surgeon's Christmas WishFlirting with Dr. Off-Limits