An Eventful Day

After I woke up, I had to be done with my breakfast and change for College as soon as was possible. My father gave me a ride to the bus stop where I had to wait for 5 minutes for my bus to arrive. Well… it came and on it I went to SZABIST. During the way, because I had nothing else to do really, I kept on thinking about the story I am writing and how it must proceed further.

After around an hour in the bus, I stepped down at 2 Swords (Do Talwar) and had to walk to SZABIST (never thought of checking or recording how long does it take me to reach SZABIST from there). Once at the 90 campus, I went in the Library. And yes this time because I had to go through a number of books (for an assignment which I personally think is a waste of time because we won’t gain anything out of it).

I searched for the appropriate books, and with them in hand I walked towards a computer no one was using. Going through the books and making notes. And with nothing to EAT!!! I did it for some hours and then got bored immensely. Went out to the cafeteria, locking the computer, and brought back 2 packets of ‘Cocomo’. Again worked on the assignment.

During this time explained a few Accounting concepts to a few juniors, called a friend and discussed a project that we are leading together, talked to another friend (random stuff), sent out important texts and all other things that you might think of ( but before believing whatever it is that you are thinking, better get it confirmed by me :p )

Oh yes, I went through some news articles and a few blogs too. One of them just filled me with rage. That stupid man was creating a negative image of Pakistan across the Globe and guess what? His current location was Dubai! The man is not even residing in the country he is defaming!

At around 4, I left the library and ran into a friend. We sat outside the front Labs and discussed a lot of different things. She knew I had to meet a teacher and sat with me all the while.

Once I left SZABIST, of course I had to walk back to 2 Swords (Do Talwar). Once there, luckily I did not have to wait long because my bus arrived. But to my dismay, I had to stand all the way to Cantt. Then I got a place to sit. As the bus moved on on the street that goes up to the Empress Market and further on towards IBA, we heard a blast!

Nothing to worry about. It were the tyres of this bus!

Once we reached Sadar, all the passengers of the bus were told to step down and re-seat themselves in the bus behind. We did that and now this bus (the bus we all went in) was way too crowded and I had to stand again. This time I even had difficulty reaching out to hold the handle to ensure my safety.

Then came the conductor to collect the fare(s) (Of course no fare was charged to those who had already paid theirs in the other bus) and a lady to my right told him,

Is ladke ko tau bolo ke peechay jae yahan aurton ke beech main aake khada ho gaya hai!

He replied,

Amma hum ne tau bol ab us ko khud ko sharm nahi aati tau hum kia kare? Agar us ki amma ko bolega ke usko peechhay bhejo tau woh shor machaegi aur peechhay se 5 hero khade ho ke aa jaenge aur hamari dhulai kar denge. Hum ko apni dhulai karane ka shauq thodi na hai.”

After a while there was this other woman who ask the conductor,

Us ne bus main se utaar ke sab ko is bus main kyun bhej dia?”

And he went on again,

Us ka baap mar gaya hai tau janaaze main gaya hai!

But once he was done collecting his fare he turned to that lady and told her,

Amma woh bus kharab ho gai thi. Kharab bus main tau nahin betha sakte na?

And then I finally reached home at 6 in the evening.