Science is the enemy of Faith

Scientific knowledge exists as the dominant explanation while Faith is a tool used to explain unseen events. Science possesses the thought of rationality and evidence, while faith does not need any evidence.

It can be argued that science can never super cede faith as the primary source of explanation.

There are particular concepts that science may never be able to explain. For example: Life after Death.

Science will never be able to provide reasoned explanations as to what occurs after death. But faith lets us know what will happen to us after our death with accordance to the life we have led.

There are also times when science and faith have totally different accounts to give about the same subject. For example: History of Human Race.

When looked up in the world of science, we discover that humans once lived as apes and gradually developed to what we are today while our faith says that the first man sent to earth, Adam, was already in human form.

Science tries to find a reason for everything whereas faith tries to justify everything as virtue or sin. Science spurs us to not depend on God whereas faith tells us to live a life according to the will of God.

For example can science stop people from lying? No. It is one’s faith that encourages to speak the truth. Even though science has made lie-detectors, they are mere machines.

Another example could be of human values. Does science help you learn them? Not really. It is one’s faith that helps him learn this and fear of Judgment Day is what makes a man moral or immoral.

Can science control bribery, gambling, evil? No. It is a person’s faith that stops him from committing these crimes.

Here I would add that scientists have contributed to both, constructive and destructive forces. Is there even one prophet or messenger who was damaging to the human race?

Iman Ettehad Tanzeem INQILAAB

Clad in a black jeans and a pink shirt, I entered the gates of Sheraton. Firstly I was told to leave my suitcase there and get myself registered on the mezzanine floor. Then I moved forward and met this girl who was wearing a jeans and a green T-shirt with the logo and slogan of YLC 2011. She was the first person I met from Team YLC and as I recall her name’s Maha. She was wearing a red sash.

I must admit that she had a very sweet smile and a soft voice. She offered to guide me to the registration desk which as mentioned previously was on the mezzanine floor. We took the stairs and got me registered and that was just Step 1 of the process. Then I moved further and towards the desk which had “Step 2” written on it. At that desk a member of Sheraton’s staff was seated with a member of team YLC. There I had to check in and got myself a key to my room, Room 322 (Though at that point in time, I had no idea how many will it be sharing a room).

Then I went back to the lobby to collect my luggage where I met this YF, Fatima, who escorted me to my room and explained me the do’s and don’ts of the YLC. We had to wait for the elevators as there was a crowd there and everyone was waiting for their turn so that they could go up to their rooms. The time I spent waiting for the elevator, I had a little chat with Fatima who told me that she was a student at IBA amongst other stuff.

Room 322 was on the 3rd floor; a floor that only had girls’ rooms that had come hither for the YLC. I put the key in the slot and opened the door. There were 3 girls already in the room and thus I assumed there were going to be 4 to a room but the thing that bothered me was there were only 3 beds made in the room.
Once that issue was settled, I had nothing to do but sit there. So I started a conversation with my roomies and at the same time started unpacking. Done with that and with nothing else to do, I switched the television on and to my delight they were showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone (a movie I am almost in love with).

At 1pm, we were supposed to go down for our Lunch to Darbar.