Iman Ettehad Tanzeem INQILAAB

Clad in a black jeans and a pink shirt, I entered the gates of Sheraton. Firstly I was told to leave my suitcase there and get myself registered on the mezzanine floor. Then I moved forward and met this girl who was wearing a jeans and a green T-shirt with the logo and slogan of YLC 2011. She was the first person I met from Team YLC and as I recall her name’s Maha. She was wearing a red sash.

I must admit that she had a very sweet smile and a soft voice. She offered to guide me to the registration desk which as mentioned previously was on the mezzanine floor. We took the stairs and got me registered and that was just Step 1 of the process. Then I moved further and towards the desk which had “Step 2” written on it. At that desk a member of Sheraton’s staff was seated with a member of team YLC. There I had to check in and got myself a key to my room, Room 322 (Though at that point in time, I had no idea how many will it be sharing a room).

Then I went back to the lobby to collect my luggage where I met this YF, Fatima, who escorted me to my room and explained me the do’s and don’ts of the YLC. We had to wait for the elevators as there was a crowd there and everyone was waiting for their turn so that they could go up to their rooms. The time I spent waiting for the elevator, I had a little chat with Fatima who told me that she was a student at IBA amongst other stuff.

Room 322 was on the 3rd floor; a floor that only had girls’ rooms that had come hither for the YLC. I put the key in the slot and opened the door. There were 3 girls already in the room and thus I assumed there were going to be 4 to a room but the thing that bothered me was there were only 3 beds made in the room.
Once that issue was settled, I had nothing to do but sit there. So I started a conversation with my roomies and at the same time started unpacking. Done with that and with nothing else to do, I switched the television on and to my delight they were showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone (a movie I am almost in love with).

At 1pm, we were supposed to go down for our Lunch to Darbar.

The Jinxed Post

The Jinxed Post. Quite agreed upon. But the question that I have been asking for some time now is: Why? Did you not get what I mean? Well… In simpler words it goes as follows in the next paragraph.

Quite a popular belief it is that the post of “Defense Against the dark Arts” is jinxed. One might wonder, since when? Having understood our curiosity, we were informed that it has been so since Professor Dumbledore refused the said post to Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Having received the answer to the first question, their arises another question in mind.

Was it really that long since that post has been jinxed? Some might believe what has been told by Rowling (in Dumbledore’s words) that the post obviously is jinxed since when Dumbledore refused the post to Voldemort. A few might also believe that the post is jinxed since when Voldemort shared Quirrel’s body. Not just contaminating Quirrel’s body but tampering with some hidden magic pertaining to the post too. (I came up with this as I was writing)

But I choose to differ.

Because if it would have been because of Voldemort, it would have been Quirrel’s first year at Hogwarts as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (I mean in the book “Philosopher’s Stone”). You remember when Harry was talking to Percy Weasley (Percy the prefect) after he, Harry, was sorted into Gryffindor?

Well Harry asked “who is that with Professr Quirrel?” (obviously he was then talking about Professor Snape).

With no book in my hands at present, it is a bit difficult to quote word for word, but I remember that Percy, after informing Harry of Snape’s name and his position as the Potion’s Master, talks to Harry about Quirrel.

Percy Weasley informs Harry that Quirrel was okay until a year back but having met some vampires in his last travels has changed him a bit. This somehow to me suggests that Quirrel had been teaching in Hogwarts before that too.

Because if it were not so, Percy would not have known that much about the teacher initially and more so, Professor Dumbledore did not introduce Quirrel in his speeches as he has been doing the following years.

I conclude that the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts was never jinxed because Voldemort aka Tom Riddle ever wanted it.

Saying all that. there must be a reason why a new teacher was required every year for that very post.

And the reason is:

“The Boy Who Lived”

“The Chosen One”

The post has been jinxed since Harry James Potter set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!