Times of Sorrow

I have recently lost someone very important in my life. And, the time that followed showed who was really there and who could be relied on. Sitting down, a few words just formed something in my head. This is a … Continue reading

There remains hope


Going through the news feed on facebook, I came across this link that was shared by Dawn News. Out of curiosity I clicked on it and what I saw amazed me.

It is not just about the photography that makes your heart miss a beat, neither is it the way they tried to tell the story by portraying that Mr. Jinnah came back to Pakistan (referred to as Planet Pakistan) and is walking through the streets viewing all the things Pakistanis are doing to live up to the Dream that is Pakistan.

No, it is none of those things. Rather what amazed me was the hope that was captured through those photographs. It thrashes the belief that most hold dear today that patriotism only a fantasy.

My eyes were shining when I was going through those pictures which did not only show patriotism but also there was faith. Faith in Pakistan!

May God bless my country with people who live up to the dream and make the country proud. Amen.