N.I.C.V.D; the breeding ground

My recent visit to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases left me disgusted with the state that place is in.

While we waited in the Emergency to be shifted to a ward upstairs, I observed that the floor was littered with what the patients were throwing around. If it would have been the patients only littering around my anger would not have been that much. Yes, I was simply furious to see the nursing staff there throwing stuff there as well.

Mosquitoes could be seen flying here and there. The beds were being washed with water spilling everywhere.

Then finally we went to this wards on the 3rd floor and I was shocked to see that the ward was all littered too. Not only littered, there were mosquitoes and cockroaches in the furniture (that had gone all bad).

With all this unhygienic surroundings how can one expect the patients to recover at a steady pace (or at all).

To top at all they had the following written on their walls’

“N.I.C.V.D ko saaf rakhiye”

translation: Keep N.I.C.V.D clean!

P.S. I clicked a few pictures but could not upload them in here for some reason.