She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Zeenat Mahal

SLMHLMNAs usual, Zeenat Mahal comes up with a story that leaves you awed.

This is a story of a lawyer and a TV anchor.

Zoella had been crushing on her best friend’s brother, Fardeen, for ever since she can remember. Because at her own home she is treated as a second class family member, she spends more and more time with Sawaba, her best friend, at her place. It is more like a real home for her.

Once her sister in law starts accusing her to have had sexual relations with Sawaba’s male family members, her brother (Zoella’s that is) stats forcing Sawaba’s parents to get one of their sons to marry Zoella.

At this point Fardeen is at his lowest. His face is all scarred up from an accident and due to which his fiancée has left him. A woman he had thought who loved him.

Forced into marriage with Zoella, he resents her for this. Never taking into account that Zoella is suffering as well being married to a man who does not love her. Fardeen refuses plastic surgery but is unable to accept his new reality.

Zoella wants him to be the Fardeen he was before the accident. She desires this not because she believes he will love her then but rather so that he makes peace with his demons. She plans of divorcing him once that happens because it kills her inside to know that this man would never respect her and love her. There is also this instant when he remarks in a way that means he calls his wife a whore. Though it was done unthinkingly (is that even a word?) it happened nonetheless.

After all the surgeries are done, it is up to Fardeen to make his wife believe in him and his love which he does while inflicting more pain. He is kind of a moron, really.

As they say, all’s well that ends well. But discounting the entire journey is unwise as it is what teaches us and makes who we are.

This one made to my favourites.

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