Magic Man by Jacqui Jacoby

MagicMan She existed. And then, she did not.




A story of one woman’s lost life and the limits she goes to to put a wrong done centuries ago to right.

Alex Madison goes to the grocery store and finds that her entire life, bar her existence, has been wiped away. It was as if she has never been. No one remembers her; no one knows her. Nor her loving family neither her friends. Not even the man she has been in a relationship for four years though they did break up some eight months ago (all part of some elusive plan in wiping out the history of the history professor).

Surviving on the streets for five days, Alex goes to find the one man she has always loved, Detective Peter McKenzie. Even though Peter does not recognise her, he shows her kindness and gives her some food; be it only donuts and coffee.

But there is a limit to what a man may hear a strange woman say and that is what happens in here. Peter starts thinking her crazy when she starts talking about the life that they have had together. Still, he wants to help the damsel in distress.

Alex, does not need his sympathy. She needs him to believe her and get her out of this predicament. When nothing comes to pass, a sort of miracle happens. Peter’s father, Kenneth McKenzie shows up at the station and, lo and behold, he knows Alex. Taking her under his protection, Kenneth promises her that they will somehow put everything back to normal. In that moment, though, she is happy that someone remembers her.

Kenneth, for his part, has his own secrets that have not resulted in him forgetting the dear woman he loves as a daughter.

But it with the love of Peter, which is not suppressed with all the evil being inflicted, Alex is all ready to defend her and the man she loves from a serial killer who is not a flesh and blood human being. A serial killer on whose case Peter has been working for some time.

Peter’s brain might have forgotten the woman he loves but in his heart he accepts the rightness of being with her. The wholeness of being he feels when with her.

And together they shall face the evil and either eliminate it or be eliminated themselves.

The story is full of how the brain is to be used but the heart must be given the due credit too for making us choose right and wrong. The story is about how not always will a logic present itself to resolve an issue because the answer lies outside the box we hold ourselves prisoners in.

Last but not the least, the story highlights how we need our independence but we need our family and friends in equal measure to fuss around us and be a constant pain in the backside because they are the ones who make our lives complete.

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The Jinxed Post

The Jinxed Post. Quite agreed upon. But the question that I have been asking for some time now is: Why? Did you not get what I mean? Well… In simpler words it goes as follows in the next paragraph.

Quite a popular belief it is that the post of “Defense Against the dark Arts” is jinxed. One might wonder, since when? Having understood our curiosity, we were informed that it has been so since Professor Dumbledore refused the said post to Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Having received the answer to the first question, their arises another question in mind.

Was it really that long since that post has been jinxed? Some might believe what has been told by Rowling (in Dumbledore’s words) that the post obviously is jinxed since when Dumbledore refused the post to Voldemort. A few might also believe that the post is jinxed since when Voldemort shared Quirrel’s body. Not just contaminating Quirrel’s body but tampering with some hidden magic pertaining to the post too. (I came up with this as I was writing)

But I choose to differ.

Because if it would have been because of Voldemort, it would have been Quirrel’s first year at Hogwarts as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (I mean in the book “Philosopher’s Stone”). You remember when Harry was talking to Percy Weasley (Percy the prefect) after he, Harry, was sorted into Gryffindor?

Well Harry asked “who is that with Professr Quirrel?” (obviously he was then talking about Professor Snape).

With no book in my hands at present, it is a bit difficult to quote word for word, but I remember that Percy, after informing Harry of Snape’s name and his position as the Potion’s Master, talks to Harry about Quirrel.

Percy Weasley informs Harry that Quirrel was okay until a year back but having met some vampires in his last travels has changed him a bit. This somehow to me suggests that Quirrel had been teaching in Hogwarts before that too.

Because if it were not so, Percy would not have known that much about the teacher initially and more so, Professor Dumbledore did not introduce Quirrel in his speeches as he has been doing the following years.

I conclude that the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts was never jinxed because Voldemort aka Tom Riddle ever wanted it.

Saying all that. there must be a reason why a new teacher was required every year for that very post.

And the reason is:

“The Boy Who Lived”

“The Chosen One”

The post has been jinxed since Harry James Potter set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!