Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh by Amalie Berlin


This is the third book I am reading by Amalie Berlin and I can confidently say that she has made it to my favourite authors.





Medical romances being one my favourite romance sub-genre, I was very eager to start reading this book. And start I did. Last night. What was different this time around was even though sleep was seducing me, I held fast because I wanted to know what happened next. Thus, I finished the book last night too. Before the first light could be seen

The story started with Dr Adalyn, the heroine, being all paranoid but braving her fear to fulfill a promise she made to her brother by helping her brother’s best friend. Someone who was not only a Doctor by profession but a Royal by birth. A Regent in a Middle Eastern desert country. He is Dr Khalil.

Khalil is haunted by the demons of his past; demons of his own creation at that. That happens when the mind suppresses a memory and forces an imagined alternative to the front to be thought of as reality. He, being the alpha male that he is, suppresses it all. To avoid waking up drenched in sweat from his nightmares, he forgoes sleep. It affects his health as he is exhausted almost all the time. The situation is not completely out of hand as there are places where he still could manage to sleep without the haunting thoughts.

Adalyn, when finds out that out in the desert is where she observe him sleep and treat him, she is all adamant to be his companion as he goes into the desert villages of his Kingdom on medical missions where he hides his identity so as to be one of the people.

The desert nights in the tents play their magic in bringing these two together where Khalil finally opens up to Adalyn and tells her what exactly has taken away his peace of mind and why he deserved to be left the way he had been. Remaining true to form, she discounts all he believes to be the evil truth about him because she has learned how Khalil is as a man. What he could or could not do in all conscious.

But does she really know him? There occurs an instance where she starts questioning his motives because the man never denies that he loves her even while insulting her and making her go far away from him.

To prove that his heart is in the right place he comes after his Lady Love to claim her and always keep her by his side and binding her to him by the sacred vows of marriage.

This story shows how a mighty person with weight of a country on his shoulder be vulnerable to something that happened in the past. Something that dictates you future and not in a very good way I must add. A time when a person becomes an enemy of himself. But at the same time it shows how love can be the answer only when trust and respect are part of it. When you want what is best for your beloved more than you want your beloved to be with you. When the well being of your beloved is more important than what your own heart desires.

A story full of love that develops with the passage of time as Khalil and Adalyn get to know each other. Even though the spark of attraction is there from the beginning, they act on it only when they are in love and not just to satisfy a base craving.

Emotions run high and are in more variety than just the romantic love between two people.

This story I recommend to all. At least all who are romance readers.

Medical Romances

I have often been asked why I say that I specially like to read Medical Romances.

Here, I will try answering the same. Following are the reasons:

– The doctors and nurses these stories are of, are very passionate about the work they do. Do not take it to mean that the same is not true if you happen to be business person, a banker (which I am) or a writer (which I hope to be) for that matter. What stands out is their drive in this profession and how a tiny mistake on their part can cause someone their life. The intensity of it all just gets to me.

– It also happens, that when I pick up a medical romance, I learn something. You may wonder what can one learn out of a Romance book. I will tell you what. For starters, I learn about new medical conditions around the world and what is being done to cure them. Not everything I learn is scientific though. It also helps understand how one should never judge another as you have never been in their shoes. The doctors and nurses dealing with these patients and attendants gives all of that a perspective.

Below I am going to mention four (for symmetrical purposes) Medical Romances that I have read and an equal number that I’d like to get my hands on.

The following are from my Read shelf.

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The following are from my To-Read shelf.

Bachelor On The Baby Ward

Breaking Her No-Dating Rule








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