Suno Chanda and All That is Wrong With It

The first time I heard of this drama was over social media and people were praising it like anything. As I had a little time on my hands and was looking for some distraction, I decided to give it a … Continue reading

Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd

This book has one of my favourite tropes executed fabulously.   A story revolving around the festive atmosphere and the spirit of giving and sharing, this book hooks one in from the first. Either it be a little flirting here … Continue reading

Married by Mistake – Abby Gaines

Married by Mistake is a story of two people (Casey Greene and Adam Carmichael) who on live television are faking marriage. Less do they know that the man they chose to officiate can legally marry people in the state of … Continue reading

Tempt Me With Darkness (Doomsday Brethren #1)

Love can be a curse for all eternity and it can end the curse you’ve been burdened with for all eternity. A story about how love weaves its magic where there is cause for deep mistrust that has been sown … Continue reading