More Than I Expected

NotebookA few days ago, I saw this pretty notebook on Liz Firlding’s page and fell in love with it instantly. The notebook was available as a prize to the winner of a contest held at her page.

To participate in the contest, one needed to post a picture of themselves with her book Vettori’s Damsel in Distress. I did just that and waited for her to announce the results. With my fingers crossed.

The day of the announcement came and I won!

After sending her my postal address, I waited for the beautiful notebook to arrive. On a side note, let me mention that I am a stationery hoarder because I love them so much. Back to the notebook. Today, when the doorbell rang and it was the postman, I thought this is it and took the packet inside the room to open it.

And what do I find inside the packet? Yes, the notebook with that pen was there but those were not the only things there.

The Package

The packet had the following things in it:

– The notebook with the cute pen

– An autographed book

– Some nail art

– A few bookmarks

– Liz’s card

– A mini ice cream cone

Though I enjoyed everything in that packet, I loved the mini ice cream cone. It will go on my office desk with some other stuff that I put on display.

Last, but not the least, I just want to say, Thank you Liz!

Mini Ice CreamAutograph

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