House Points

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Chapter 2

“Dad, why don’t you call them?” James was quite eager to meet the Dursleys. “I was thinking exactly the same…” before Harry could finish his sentence they were interrupted by a huge barn owl that they did not recognize. The … Continue reading

An Amazing Read

nerd backwards is D REN

I recently learned the Harry Potter world before the series actually end. Yes, I live in a cave. It was my 3rd year in college that curiosity about this series got me and after that, the rest is history. Now that I  already graduated, I want to thank the magical world.

I hope Hermione is proud of what I have achieved last March 16, 2012.

Thank You…

Harry, for teaching me to stand up when all else fails and be brave on every step.
Ron, for showing me that fear is not a weakness but a strength that shows you’re just human and there’s always room for improvement and yes, there’s always the pressure when your siblings do good at school, but at the end of the day, the achievements do not matter. We love our family because they are our family.
Hermione, for personally inspiring me to study hard and have…

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An amazing fan fiction about a few of our favourite people!

Jeyna Grace

In the broad valleys of Wales was a young beautiful girl. She lived with her mother and step father in a brick house, where she had to look after her brother, her 2 step sisters and her twin half brothers.

When her father died in the war, while serving the King in service, her mother came under the spell of a wealthy man, who promised wonderful things for her family, but when he married her mother, she and her brother became outcasts.

She was forced to do the cleaning and cooking, as though she was one of the maids in her own home. Her younger brother was forced to work in the farm and over see the male workers. And since she was the oldest among all her siblings, she was forced to look after all of them. She could easily call herself the head maid of her home, as…

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The Jinxed Post

The Jinxed Post. Quite agreed upon. But the question that I have been asking for some time now is: Why? Did you not get what I mean? Well… In simpler words it goes as follows in the next paragraph.

Quite a popular belief it is that the post of “Defense Against the dark Arts” is jinxed. One might wonder, since when? Having understood our curiosity, we were informed that it has been so since Professor Dumbledore refused the said post to Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

Having received the answer to the first question, their arises another question in mind.

Was it really that long since that post has been jinxed? Some might believe what has been told by Rowling (in Dumbledore’s words) that the post obviously is jinxed since when Dumbledore refused the post to Voldemort. A few might also believe that the post is jinxed since when Voldemort shared Quirrel’s body. Not just contaminating Quirrel’s body but tampering with some hidden magic pertaining to the post too. (I came up with this as I was writing)

But I choose to differ.

Because if it would have been because of Voldemort, it would have been Quirrel’s first year at Hogwarts as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (I mean in the book “Philosopher’s Stone”). You remember when Harry was talking to Percy Weasley (Percy the prefect) after he, Harry, was sorted into Gryffindor?

Well Harry asked “who is that with Professr Quirrel?” (obviously he was then talking about Professor Snape).

With no book in my hands at present, it is a bit difficult to quote word for word, but I remember that Percy, after informing Harry of Snape’s name and his position as the Potion’s Master, talks to Harry about Quirrel.

Percy Weasley informs Harry that Quirrel was okay until a year back but having met some vampires in his last travels has changed him a bit. This somehow to me suggests that Quirrel had been teaching in Hogwarts before that too.

Because if it were not so, Percy would not have known that much about the teacher initially and more so, Professor Dumbledore did not introduce Quirrel in his speeches as he has been doing the following years.

I conclude that the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts was never jinxed because Voldemort aka Tom Riddle ever wanted it.

Saying all that. there must be a reason why a new teacher was required every year for that very post.

And the reason is:

“The Boy Who Lived”

“The Chosen One”

The post has been jinxed since Harry James Potter set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!