The Taboo of Reading Romance

I love reading Romance. There, I said it. View this post on Instagram @vibhybatra's #GlitterAndGloss had been on my TBR for long but I started reading it today. From Misha's POV, it's exciting to see the mundane in a new … Continue reading

First 1000 Days

Yes, you read that right. The First 1000 Days. The First 1000 Days of our very existence. Just to be clear I am talking about individual lives in here. Nestlé Pakistan organised an event on the 12th of September 2015 … Continue reading

More Than I Expected

A few days ago, I saw this pretty notebook on Liz Firlding’s page and fell in love with it instantly. The notebook was available as a prize to the winner of a contest held at her page. To participate in … Continue reading

Harlequin Heartwarming

After researching for a publisher that may accept my romance manuscript, I have finally found one. They want more emphasis on emotional aspects. It’s in my manuscript. They want traditional values. They are in my manuscript. They want a sub-plot. … Continue reading


Season in itself is nothing. It is a combination of different aspects prevalent to an area. To understand the climate of a certain region, it is imperative to study the temperature (that stays the same for some time), air pressure … Continue reading

A Few Quizzes

As I was being bored and going through my News Feed on Facebook, I came across these quizzes and decided to try them. What Type Of Book Are You? Here is what I got. Which Literary Couple Are You … Continue reading