WordPress and Themes

The look of my Blog (Lair of A Wordsmith) has not changed in a long time now. Though it looks amazing as it is, I think that change needs to be an ongoing thing. Then one may ask that with that philosophy in place why do I say that I have not changed the way my blog looked for some time now or rather since  fist used the very theme I am using right now.

The answer is very simple.

Themes available at the moment have this thing going for them that on the homepage they show the entire post. Now if you could see a complete post on the homepage, why would you take time out to click on it, right?

The theme that I am using presently (Fresh & Clean) gives me what I want. As in it does not show the entire post and lets me use a featured image that may or may not be used in the post itself.

Now this is a direct request (to whomever it concerns at WordPress ), please have a few themes made like the one I just mentioned to help me and maybe others like me.

Will be appreciated much.


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