How Do I Raise $ 7,000 In A Few Months?

For some time now, I have wanted to attend this summer program called Summer Business Scholars Program (SBSP) hosted by the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago.

Now before I go any further let me give you some background information so that you know what angle I am talking from.

I am from Pakistan. Done my Bachelors from here as well and plan to get an MBA in the near future (a couple of years because of work experience requirement) but before I do apply for that, I wish to attend SBSP as it is more like a preview to what an MBA is going to be like. The program from the looks of it and from participants’ testimonials on and off the university’s website also suggests that it proves a great avenue to learning.

All that in place, there is this problem that I face (have been facing for the past year since the time I found out about the program and wanted to attend it). The problem being the Rupee Dollar Parity where USD 1 cost around PKR 100. A person who earns in PKR and has a 7 member family finds it a bit (definitely more) impossible to have enough money to attend any such program. But the thing is, I still want to attend it.

For this purpose I have poured over the Internet pages of the website of scholarships and sponsorships but to no avail. I contacted an organisation that sponsors students for a Summer Program at National University of Singapore. I thought that they might be the answer for me. That did not happen as I expected and I found out that they do not sponsor individual students. Just the programs in which students apply through a university.

This is completely stupid, right? Learning is what it is. whether you apply as part of a program or as an individual. What difference does that even make? Could they not see that I can’t apply in that way as they do not have any programs for Booth School of Business? Maybe I am not being fair here. It’s their organization and they decide who they wish to sponsor and who do not.

Believe me I understand that. It is just that I really want to attend this program but I don’t know how. $ 7,000 is a huge an amount for me. Before anybody decides to point out, I’d state it myself that $7,000 is not the fee. It is $6,300. $7,000 is the amount that I need.

And yes of course, they do have merit based scholarships but you never know if you will e the one awarded the scholarships. Taking a risk is what should have been done but calculating risks is what we Finance people do. The non-refundable deposit (that is offset against the fee later) is also a big amount to go that route.

So, anybody out there who can tell me what to do?

Would appreciate it a lot.

Because the post has been to an extent me pouring out my frustration which may have turned to bitterness, let me end it on a different note. A note of hope.

Let us all hope and pray that I find a way to live this dream of mine. One out of a bundle.

And all you may get to live your dreams as well.


Lots of Love

2 thoughts on “How Do I Raise $ 7,000 In A Few Months?

  1. Raising money for personal use is always difficult. However, what you can do is gloss up this personal trip with public interest and then present the ase to potential sponsors.
    I attended a summer school after my freshman year after raising a hefty amount which covered my fee, board, lodge, travel, and party. What worked for me was writing to an investment bank which I had interned at the previous summer. The prospect of investing in a potential employee is immense, and it might work in your favour.

    That being said, make sure you approach a few, right people. Requesting too many would leave you distressed and deteriorate the effort you put in every application. Remember, a general application mass mailed to tens of inboxes wouldn’t help. Taylor-made emails, with immense marketing exhibiting gains for the company in particular and the society in general would do the trick.

    Best of luck.

    • Thank you so much Ahmed. Potential Employee you say? I guess I’ll have to do that because my present employer (bank) does not have any policies of investing in entry level employees (or so is what I was informed).

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