Goodreads and Reviews


Goodreads, a social website that not only helps me connect with people (regarding everything books) but also keep track of what I read and when I read it.

When I first started using this website (a long time ago), the only thing that I’d do is mark a book as currently reading and when done with it I’d give it a rating and move on to my next. While at the side I was marking many books to-read and rating the ones that I’ve read previously.

Then some time back I started writing reviews of the books that I read. I realized that I very much liked it (seeing that I am one of those people who have an opinion about everything and have to say something about everything). Now this made things a wee bit tedious for me. Every time I decided to mark a book read, I had to wait for a time where I could spare a few more minutes so that I could put something in the box that asks me to review the book that I’ve read.

Went well for a while but, again, being me I started completely disliking the notion that I was bound by that review box and it was hindering me in putting the status of having read another book.

Thus I decided that I’d just mark the books as read when I’m done with those and leave the reviews for another time.

Maybe, this didn’t deserve a post to itself but I just felt like putting it down.

Have a great Sunday. Enjoy whilst you remember to pray for those who are unfortunate enough to be in situations where enjoyment is the last thing on their minds.

Lots of Love

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