An Unsaid Thank you

This is an entry from Zoe’s private diary and thus in first person narrative.

I have not been able to say this out loud yet; however, I am writing those words here.

Dear _______,

If you can dream it, you can do it.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

These two quotes by Walt Disney are something I believe in completely. These are words I repeat to myself as a mantra to keep myself moving in the direction of my destination. I was on path but then life threw a curve and things went haywire. Not only did I lose my goals and my dreams, I think somewhere in the way, I lost myself too.

That is where you come in. In your own way (sometimes asshole-ish) you made me realise what I was doing to myself. You made me realise that a little by little I was taking away the dream I used to live for. Little by little I was moving towards losing myself completely.

I may have found my way back to my dreams and my passion somewhere in the future or maybe I would not have, but, thanks to you, my vision is clear and my goals defined. My dreams shine bright, calling me to them.

And, very honestly, you’re the only person at this point in time who made it possible for me to hope when there was only darkness. You questioned, and I looked for answers within me to understand myself better. To realise it was still the same dreams I pined for. You made me realise that I was losing passion for my dreams, because I was not doing anything to achieve them. You literally showed me the way.

No thank you would ever suffice for what you have done for me.

Though you have made sure that I am on the right path, you are there with me like a guiding angel; someone I can depend on.

And for that, I love you.


6 thoughts on “An Unsaid Thank you

  1. As I think is the common consensus, this piece makes us feel like everyone deserves to have someone like this in their lives. Zoe is one lucky girl!
    It is amazing how you’ve started to tap into the reader’s emotions.

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