The Green Heartbeat

We are a nation who, for the most part, is vocal about the problems that we are faced with. Majority cannot be bothered about actually doing anything because the belief that identifying a problem absolves one from taking responsibility.

Then people have the gall to say,

What has Pakistan done for us?

When the question we should be asking should be,

What have we done for Pakistan?

But wait. If everyone was just being a whiner, how come there are areas where comes improvements?

To shine light on those who are silently paying their dues to their country, Atlas Battery started a campaign, The Unsung Heroes of Pakistan and many are talking about it under the hashtag #Sparkistan.


A Formal Introduction to this is as follows, even though I have already told you.

Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Pakistan, a country which is filled with immense talent which, unfortunately, is overlooked or people are unknown. Sparkistan – an initiative taken by Atlas Battery to shows the Spark of our unsung heroes. To discover more about our stars, we traveled all over Pakistan to record their Sparking story. Atlas Battery showcased the story of 15 Heroes who are not given the fame they deserved. Atlas Battery took a step ahead to give prominence to our sparkling heroes.

That is the formal print above for what the company is doing. But let me add something of my own. These 15 have made to the list, but there are many more out there, maybe you’re one of them too, who have contributed to the prosperity and the shining future of Pakistan. All of them are Pakistan.

If you’re not one of those, do something as small as not throwing your trash on the streets and you’ll be playing your part.

Now rather than boring you with my opinions, let me talk about a couple of the heroes that Atlas Battery has identified.

Zymal Umar

Zymal is Pakistan’s Youngest Social Entrepreneur at 9 years of age. She founded an innovative social project dubbed Zee Bags. She makes bags out of old newspapers and sells them for Rs 70 each. The best part? She invests her income in the welfare of underprivileged and orphans who we find scores of in our nation.

You look at such people and you realise there is still hope. It also motivates you to go out play a part in the betterment of the nation, however small that be because every step is equally important.

I am, as a fellow Pakistani, so very proud of this little girl who paved a way for what she believes in.

Syed Fahad Ali

Syed Fahad Ali saw that the need of the time was education to pull people out of poverty (and not just that of the monies) and set forth to do something about it.

Being on the other side of the table once helped him understand way better than any other education could have about how to plan his school. The issue with his students is not just the lack of money but also the abuse they have suffered. Be it physical abuse or sexual abuse. Wanting to smash the circle, he striked at the core of it by bringing awareness to these poor innocent souls.


I am definitely repeating myself here but I can’t help it. Reading these stories makes me want to cry. And these tears are not of sadness but of hope and motivation.

Let’s make a pledge to ourselves today to do something. Any thing but something.

Pakistan Zindabad!