Zoe And The Reclaimed Dream

This is an entry from Zoe’s private diary and thus in first person narrative.

My parents tell me that I have been telling them I want to go abroad for my studies since a time I was not even 3! I do not remember that time quite clearly, but I have no qualms believing it.

Why, you ask?

Because, I may not remember what I thought and wanted when I was 3, but, I remember what I thought and wanted when I grew up a little. It has always been to go abroad and study.

I can’t say when the idea was sowed into the fertile sands of my mind, but I have been watering it ever since. Cherishing it as I would my baby.

Since a very young age I have been researching on ways in which I would be able to live my dream. And, in the meanwhile, my studies remained one of the most important priorities of my life. However young I may have been, I knew deep down that if I could not score well, the path to living my dream would be destroyed. Of course, I could not let that happen.

But, as they say, with the passage of time, life happened.

And that resulted in dust making a fine sheet over the sparkling glass of my dreams.

Be it heaven or be it hell
You bring me out of my shell

Twisting the chords of my heart
You play a drastic game of darts

A flying leap and a sliding fall
Aims set high, the order’s tall

Glass of dreams is cleared of dust
Achieving them all has become a must

But now the dust has been wiped clean and it is on to the road to success. Amen.

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