The Only Thing Remaining

Last two days have been filled with tension for me and there is no one reason that I can state.

This semester (yes, I am a student) has been tough as I have loads of Research to do for my Thesis (Dissertation). At the same time I am working my head off at the 3 electives I am taking and to get to participate in this competition that I wanted to in for a year now.

As if all this was not really enough, I lost my USB!

Yes, My USB looked exactly like this. A red Kingston 8GB Flash Drive

You may wonder why am I making such a nuisance over a USB when I can always buy another one. Well, my problem is not the loss of that small device rather I am worried about all the data I had saved on it. For reasons unknown (to me), I Never made a back on my computer of all the information there was in my Flash Drive. All the assignments, my Thesis work, my stories, and most importantly the photos.

Now, I just hope that whoever took it from the library return it to me (My CV was also on my USB which happens to have my contact details). Or if not the USB itself, I would request them (if they ever read this post) to atleast email me the stuff that was saved in it and then keep the USB for themselves.

I lost it on Thursday. Forgot to unplug it from the computer (in the library) after completing my work.

But I still hope I get it back!

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