Zoe And The Hospital

FB_IMG_1499594864787Zoe was at work on Friday when the notification light on her phone started blinking. Letting it be for a while, she continued with her report she had to finalise.

Once free, she picked up her phone and switched to the her family’s whatsapp group. A few messages awaited her.

“Batool chachi in NICVD.”

“Major attack.”

Praying for her Ma’s chachi, she left for home. Zoe planned to go visit Batool cahchi in the hospital. But when she reached home, she was so tired she instantly fell asleep. Not waking until the wee hours of the night.

Yawning and stretching, Zoe got out of bed at 2 in the morning and went to her parents’ room as the light was on and the door not shut. Her Ma was awake and reading on her tablet.

Resting her head in her mother’s lap, she shut her eyes as she started talking in whispers.

“Why aren’t you sleeping Ma?”

Her mother, who had by then put her tablet away was stroking Zoe’s hair.

“Had to finish the story.” Zoe had always known that she had gotten her bibliophilic bug from her mother.

“How’s chachi?”

Heaving a light sigh, her mother told her that chachi was not well. Still in the hospital, one of Zoe’s mother’s cousins was attending to her.

“Shahzi asked if you’d stay with her tomorrow.” When there was no answer forthcoming, she added, “Rather today.”

“I’ll go.” She said as she stood up and made for her bedroom.

She hadn’t been to a hospital in a year and a half. Prior to which it had been hospital (NICVD) every other day as her Nanima had grappled with her heart condition. A year and half since her beloved Nanima had passed away.

Zoe prayed for her soul as tears trickled down her face and she was lost in the world of dreams.

12 thoughts on “Zoe And The Hospital

  1. Okay so here is the first part.
    And I reallly realyyyyyy hope it has a happy ending, cause by mistake I just finished the 3rd part. 😛
    You write well, Hina. 🙂

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