Times of Sorrow

I have recently lost someone very important in my life. And, the time that followed showed who was really there and who could be relied on.

Sitting down, a few words just formed something in my head. This is a completely unedited version and I am dedicating it to those people I can reply on no matter what. I am not going to name these people here; they know who they are.

In times of great sorrow
You find out who is who
The people who hold you together
Your forever crew
The tide be low or be high
They will always come through
The strengths combined, grief halved
The bond is renewed

I am not sure about this, but maybe sometime in the future and I’ll make this all fancy with putting it on a nice background or something, but for now, here is the poem in its raw form.

2 thoughts on “Times of Sorrow

  1. The URDU ‘equivalent’ came to my mind :
    ‘ Go zara see baat pey barson k yaaraaney gaey
    chalo acha hoa, kuch log pehchaaney gaey ‘

    Writing really heals, so is reading such lines. Beautiful

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