Science is the enemy of Faith

Scientific knowledge exists as the dominant explanation while Faith is a tool used to explain unseen events. Science possesses the thought of rationality and evidence, while faith does not need any evidence.

It can be argued that science can never super cede faith as the primary source of explanation.

There are particular concepts that science may never be able to explain. For example: Life after Death.

Science will never be able to provide reasoned explanations as to what occurs after death. But faith lets us know what will happen to us after our death with accordance to the life we have led.

There are also times when science and faith have totally different accounts to give about the same subject. For example: History of Human Race.

When looked up in the world of science, we discover that humans once lived as apes and gradually developed to what we are today while our faith says that the first man sent to earth, Adam, was already in human form.

Science tries to find a reason for everything whereas faith tries to justify everything as virtue or sin. Science spurs us to not depend on God whereas faith tells us to live a life according to the will of God.

For example can science stop people from lying? No. It is one’s faith that encourages to speak the truth. Even though science has made lie-detectors, they are mere machines.

Another example could be of human values. Does science help you learn them? Not really. It is one’s faith that helps him learn this and fear of Judgment Day is what makes a man moral or immoral.

Can science control bribery, gambling, evil? No. It is a person’s faith that stops him from committing these crimes.

Here I would add that scientists have contributed to both, constructive and destructive forces. Is there even one prophet or messenger who was damaging to the human race?

2 thoughts on “Science is the enemy of Faith

  1. Interesting post that touches on the superficial differences between science and faith. Its very much the chicken vs. egg debate. Science can certainly explain a person’s judgement through the cause and effect of neurotransmitters and neurological pathways. They can support this from the perspective of evolution and test this with human and animal studies. In the same way, scientific findings have been used repeatedly to support the mysteries of our physical world and indication of a supernatural being. Many scientists contribute natural beauty (or the way bodies, beings, cells form) as a reflection of a supernatural being. Interesting post, hope to read more.

    • It is a rhetorical question that I have answered myself. It is not that I believe that Science is really an enemy of Faith because if you read the last sentence, it says that Science has contributed to good and bad both. Therefore, it is unwise to pick Science up and give it one stationary position that it is where it belongs. This is simply not possible.

      I hope you understand where I am coming from?

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