The Contract by Zeenat Mahal

The ContractThis post has coloured font because it would not be fair if it was black with the cover of the book.

Set mostly in Lahore (Pakistan), this novella is the story of Hussain and Shahira. The Contract is Zeenat Mahal’s second novella. She is a Pakistani author. I have wanted to read this novella for quite some time now as I have never actually read a Romance that was penned by someone local.

Finally, I got the book and could not stop but begin reading it immediately. But before I begin, I would like to thank Indireads for giving me a gift voucher which I used to get this book by Ms Mahal.

This story is not just about emotions and feeling for one another (which I believe is a major part of romance) but it also portrays a picture of society that we live in. By that I do not mean that each one of us, male and female, is like that but a few who could not be bothered about anybody but themselves.

The social issues that the author has highlighted in her story are mentioned below.

1. She talks about men who take having sex with their wives as their due even when the wife in question does not welcome such affection anytime. Rape within a marriage is still rape.

2. She talks about horrible in-laws. Even in this day and time, there are people who treat their daughters-in-law as if they were nothing but burdens. There for to be the maid to the family.

I commend how she has further done a comparison with the other side of the society as well. How Shahira gets in-laws that not only care for her and about her but also treat her with love and respect.

Lastly, I would like to add that it is probably one of the very few Romances that I have come across that does not have any sexual scenes but rather the story supports itself on emotions and feeling and not simply how one’s body sings in the presence of one’s other half.

A commendable job. Keep it up.

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