Tempt Me With Darkness (Doomsday Brethren #1)

Tempt me with darkness

Love can be a curse for all eternity and it can end the curse you’ve been burdened with for all eternity. A story about how love weaves its magic where there is cause for deep mistrust that has been sown in the past. Be it mankind or magickind, love conquers all only if you work for it and on it.

Marrok of Cadbury has been walking on this earth for more than fifteen hundred years and the only thing he’s craved is death. Indulging in his whims with Morgana le Fay (half sister of King Artur and a witch with a huge ego problem) had him cursed with immortality by her. Over the centuries he has tried to kill himself with all the innovation of all the weapons known to mankind today.

Olivia Gray with her other worldly eyes (violet eyes) is an American girl trying to find her father in London. Treated as a burden and a duty to be performed by her mother her entire life, she looks forward to meet a father who may accept her and love her. What she learns instead (though she meets her father) is that she is a witch and a descendant of the evil Morgana le Fay and is the mate to the man her great-great grandmother cursed more than a millennium past.

Brought together by a dream and bound by ancient sacred vows, they fight evil and try to get the warrior un-cursed. While all the time, the sword that hangs over them is the question of what would happen when Marrok got un-cursed? Would he live to see another sunrise with Olivia or be granted the death wish that he has always had?

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